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Links on Martyrs and Saints

The Hagiography Circle is a body of young scholars bound by a common interest in “re-telling” the lives of contemporary models of holiness who, within the past seven years, have dedicated some of their time to reading, translating, and reflecting on biographies sent in by promoters of beatification and canonization causes.

The Vatican department charged with the process and history of establishing the veneration of the Saints, the Blessed and the Servants of God.

Unitas-Catholic League, an ecumenical society promoting the Catholic ecumenical movement.

Promoting dialogue, mutual understanding and research, and receptive ecumenism.

The Hagiography Society was founded in North America in 1990 to promote communication among scholars in various disciplines whose research involves the study of early Christian or medieval saints' legends.

A scholarly association of Jesuits and others, based in Belgium and continuing work begun in 1607, dedicated to the critical study of Christian hagiography.

The shrine to all the Catholic martyrs of the Reformation period near Hyde Park in London. The Benedictine community has been concerned to ensure that the commemoration of these martyrs also takes into account the whole history of the Church in England and remembers with sorrow, yet with hope for unity, those Christians who were Anglicans and Protestants who also lost their lives in faithfulness to Christ.

A prisoner's cell in the Tower of London

Ample information on the life of many of the martyrs mentioned on this site

Online critical edition of all versions, from the Humanities Research Institute, University of Sheffield

Useful introduction to the stories of the Catholic martyrs, but uncritical and with a non-ecumenical spirit from long before the Second Vatican Council

Based at the University of Birmingham. There is a superb links and online resources page.

Society for Reformation Studies

Based at King's College London